sorry for japarty rockin - Chapter 1 - hoser (2024)

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codmeister: so basically long story short pet simulator is like this roblox game where you raise pets and use them to farm coins and exp to get more pets

baldilocks: wow that wasn’t interesting or fun to read at all.

codmeister: k :’(

the donkeys are dying: I was interested, personally

baldilocks: what a shock there, who’s surprised?

the donkeys are dying: Keep yourself safe {:

baldilocks: horrific smiley.

codmeister: hey have any of you guys kept in touch with any of the total drama cast?

baldilocks: besides you? please, i’d rather pull out another tooth.

the donkeys are dying: Do I get to keep that one?

baldilocks: what???

codmeister: not even lindsay?

baldilocks: no comment.

the donkeys are dying: To humor you, no I haven’t.

codmeister: why not guys :(

baldilocks: unless we all forgot, i hate them all.

the donkeys are dead: And they all hate me

codmeister: well its been a while since then, im sure thats not true now!

baldilocks: and yet my username is still stuck as this? if you can’t even change my username, why would they change their opinions?

codmeister: ummmmm its funny???

the donkeys are dead: Humor is subjective, especially because of MY username you gave me

codmeister: ok dont act like you didnt laugh :|

the donkeys are dead: YOU MADE IT THIS WHEN I GOT DISOWNED.

codmeister: yeesh tough crowd

baldilocks: anyway

baldilocks sent a video

codmeister: what am i looking at

baldilocks: kpop?

the donkeys are dead: I’m just about sick of those videos

codmeister: OK ANYWAYS

codmeister: i was just asking because i got invited to a group chat for everyone

baldilocks: oh great.

the donkeys are dead: You want us to join it don’t you

codmeister: perhaps

the donkeys are dead: We weren’t invited, though

codmeister: you guys JUST said you didnt keep in touch. how could they invite you?

baldilocks: jesus christ just send the damn invite

the donkeys are dead: I don’t think they’d want me there..

codmeister: sierra is in there.. something tells me youre fine!

the donkeys are dead: oh great *heather voice*

baldilocks: noose.

codmeister sent a link

the donkeys are dead: What did you mean by everyone, though? Who’s all in there

codmeister: uh a few from island, sierra, you because youre not getting out of joining, i think thats it?

the donkeys are dead: I see…

baldilocks: oh god just join it before i shove pills down your throat

the donkeys are dead: Excuse me?

codmeister: okay no need to get violent. come on, itll be fun!

baldilocks: oh yes, i'm sure it’ll be so fun to reconnect with people we both repeatedly f*cked over.

baldilocks: .. you know what, yes it will be fun.

the donkeys are dead: I really don’t know..

baldilocks: alejandro, don’t f*ck with me.

the donkeys are dead: If i get cussed out over text by some strangers, we are so over.

codmeister: youve BEEN over for months.

the donkeys are dead: The voices say otherwise.

baldilocks: the what

codmeister: someone should probably do something about that..

Members of Millionaires and their pet Cody have gone offline.

Heather and Alejandro have joined SORRY FOR JAPARTY ROCKIN.

apple bottom jeans: Oh look, dumb and dumber.

Heather: i’m sorry what the f*ck did you just say to me?

Alejandro: Us*

Heather: i know what i said.

Alejandro: Oh ok.

the new eminem: Heather, what’s up fellow H-bomb?

Heather: oh no, don’t talk to me if you’re who i think you are.

shiverpool: nice to see you guys :)

Alejandro: Ah.. who is this?

hes hat too big for hes head: its bridgette, man

Alejandro: .. Wonderful!

codmeister: loosen up, guys. in fact, i think i have an idea thatll relax u

Heather: cody….

Alejandro: Cody please don’t.

codmeister changed two users' nicknames.

baldilocks: you’ve gotta be joking me.

the donkeys are dead: HERE TOO?!

codmeister: oh come on, its iconic.

the donkeys are dead: Nobody will even understand mine.

codmeister: oh ya

codmeister: do u guys wanna know something funny?

the donkeys are dead: DON’T TELL THEM??

codmeister: oh. nvm

the donkeys are dead: Unbelievable..

boyfriend kisser: welcome to the awful username club

baldilocks: oh that’s hilarious.

legally blah: Thank you!

legally blah: It is part of her climb to forgiveness.

baldilocks: i actually do NOT care..

boyfriend kisser: >_>

ocgeek: you think yours is bad?

the donkeys are dead: I’m afraid I don’t understand this one

boyfriend kisser: well,

ocgeek: you get diagnosed with ocd and suddenly it’s free game

ocgeek: i’m also not even a geek

codmeister: sure you arent

boyfriend kisser: agree to disagree

ocgeek: ..

ocgeek: don’t you both have people to unsuccessfully flirt with

apple bottom jeans: Oop-

the donkeys are dead: Huh.. it’s very hard to follow who is who in here

baldilocks: you mean it isn’t obvious to you?

the donkeys are dead: I was only on one season with half of these people.. and another with even less.

dumbcan: dude have u never watched the show?

the donkeys are dead: No comment.

test tube: I’ve never watched it either, to be fair

baldilocks: okay who the f*ck is test tube

ocgeek: you’re gonna laugh

hes hat too big for hes head: justins a test tube baby

hes hat too big for hes head: im talking seriously expensive tube boy

test tube: Yes.. thank you for airing that out again!

the donkeys are dead: I.. see.

baldilocks: oh that’s f*cking gold.

test tube: Like your fake tooth?

baldilocks: okay what the hell.

sorry for japarty rockin - Chapter 1 - hoser (2024)
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