Night of the Living Dog (2024)

Night of the Living Dog is the first half of episode 8 of season 1 of The New Heroes of Hero Factory


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Leo accidentally gives everyone except for Volfram the brains of a dog when he want a puppy.


The episode opens with Stormer complaining that Grompen had filled their toilets with slime (as shown by a surveillance camera that the entire boys' toilet was flooded with slime flowing into the hall). He takes Grompen to the Little Einsteins and the labyrinth robots, and orders them to take better care of Grompen. But when Stormer was about to leave, Leo asks him if he could get a puppy (because Leo misses his pet Melody who has to be at home). But Stormer strongly refuses to have a puppy in the factory and says that they have Flip as their pet.

Leo is disappointed, but he doesn't give up and he starts nagging Stormer in various places in the factory. In the end, Stormer couldn't take it anymore and sternly tells Leo that he won't get a puppy no matter what. Leo sits and whines in the dining room. Volfram comes up to him and finds out about the situation. Volfram decides to become Leo's dog. Leo dresses Volfram as a dog and they show it to Stormer and he is unsure but he gives Leo and Volfram a chance.

Leo and Volfram go to A training sphere where Volfram will learn to be a dog. First, Leo tries to teach Volfram to bark, but he is not good at it. Leo throws a ball but Volfram smashes the ball in his fist with an accidental.

Later on, Leo and Volfram were in Little Einstein's room and Leo tells that Volfram is a miserable dog and the only thing he did that was a bit dog-like was what he did in the hallway (as Stormer discovers later). Volfram tries to make up for it by trying to be a cat but he only makes cow noises. Leo was about to give up, but then he finds a device (that Rocket had made) that can give dogs brain waves. But when he shoots dne at Volfram, the laser splits and travels across the entire factory and hits everyone (except from Leo and Volfram). Leo and Volfram meet their friends and roommates who are behaving like dogs across the factory.

Leo and Volfram build a huge mechanical dog house that will remove the dog brain waves, but Loe wonders how they will get everyone in the factory in there. Volfram takes out a chop and uses it to lure everyone in the factory into the doghouse, Leo breaks a leg to get his friends into the doghouse. But when they have to get Stormer to the dog house he is a very angry dog, Volfram tries to lure him with a ball but Stormer runs to the armory. Stormer starts playing with a grenade and Leo realizes that if it explodes it will blow up the whole factory. Leo gets an idea and orders Volfram to be a cat and teaches him the right sound. Stormer (who thinks Volfram is a real cat) starts chasing Volfram until he comes to a door he can't pass through. Volfram tells Stormer who he really is, but that doesn't stop Stormer from attacking him. Leo doesn't know what to do and says that Stormer is clearly the Alpha. Volfram gets an idea, he takes on the role of the Beta leader, he grab Stormer and gets him into the dog house with the others.

Leo turns on the dog house and removes the dog brain waves from the others. Stormer is furious with Leo, but Leo tells him that Volfram has been a good dog but he doesn't want to have a puppy anymore and that it's fine with Flip and he can see Melody again when he gets home. The episode ends with June, Annie, Quincy, Rocket, Big Jet and the robots coming out of the doghouse confused. Volfram and Leo check that everyone had returned to normal, but the screen shows that they forgot Lupus and he starts drinking from the toilet.


  • the episode's title is based on the title of the horror film series Night of the Living Dead.
Night of the Living Dog (2024)
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