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Melody, the Music Pet is the fifth episode of Season 2 and the thirty-third episode overall of the series Little Einsteins.

However, in production order, it's the sixth episode of Season 2 and the thirty-fourth episode overall.

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Annie, Leo and their friends are in Paris, France, standing near the pet train and they discover a little pet that has flagged eighth musical note shaped ears, is purple and has a white stomach with colored polka-dots. They decide to name her 'Melody', because she sings music and her favourite food is musical notes. She was already to board the pet train like all the other pets, but she has lost her ticket and is prohibited to go on the train. It is up to the team to go to the Eiffel Tower to get her ticket before the pet train leaves.


To find a ticket to the Pet Train, First: You must land to Alsace to find Music Notes from the Tree as a snack for Melody to give her energy. Second, you must help Leo conduct Melody to bounce all Lily Pads from the art of Water Lilies by Claude Monet. And Third: Fly Super Fast to The Eiffel Tower and help Leo and Melody conduct crescendo to grow the door and get the ticket!


The episode starts with the team at the Pet Train Station in Paris, France where they see some pets in each seat of the train. The goal is that all pets like cats, dogs, rabbits and more, can be in their new homes and meet their new owners. But to enter the pet train, they need a ticket to enter. And then, the team sees a strange pet. It's purple, it has flagged eighth music note shaped ears and a stomach being white with colored polka-dots. The creature reveals as a music pet. So Leo is going to use his baton for a test that he can conduct a music pet. And now, Leo knights a music pet named Melody, who is a female. Leo told that she's going to go to her new home and June notices that Melody doesn't had a ticket as Leo can't see melody's ticket anywhere and Annie told that Melody doesn't had a ticket for the pet train. Then, the pet train blew the whistle as the gate closed from melody from boarding the train, because Melody doesn't had the ticket for the pet train as Quincy mentioned. And Leo mentioned that the whole team can't help Melody find the ticket for the pet train so Melody can take the pet train to her new home as Quincy mentioned so they take care of Melody as June mentioned. So Leo put out his baton and told everyone that they've got a mission about finding Melody's ticket for the pet train. So they all head inside Rocket, buckle the seatbelts, do the pat sequence and blast off.

After they blast off, Annie sings about helping Melody the music pet finding the ticket for the pet train and soon, they heard the ticket for the pet train so they land at Alsace in France and all head outside Rocket and they all listen carefully and they heard Melody's ticket and head towards the ticket, but the problem was that Melody won't come, because only the worthy of conducting power can conduct her to follow. So Leo puts out his baton and conduct and Melody starts to move and soon, Melody made it to her whole team. So they all head down the path while Leo conducts to help Melody follow and Annie sings about helping Melody, the music pet finding the ticket for the pet train.

Unfortunately, Melody is slowing down, because she is running out of energy and she is hungry. Annie asks Leo about the food for Melody and Leo told that music pets like to eat music notes and the music notes are on the tree and Melody is too small to reach the tree so June did the sauté jump to help Melody reach the tree and June jumps higher and soon June reaches one of the music notes for melody and she eats the music notes! And soon, Melody sings humoresque Number 7 as she give lots of energy. But then, they heard the pet train whistle while they heard Melody's ticket. So they all follow the path while Leo uses his baton to follow Melody while Annie sings about helping Melody finding the pet train ticket once again and soon, they all head down the Lilly pad pond, made by the art of Water Lilies by Claude Monet.

Soon, Melody landed on the Lilly pad as the whole team goes onto the bridge and Leo uses his baton to conduct Melody to bounce over the Lilly pads fast and slow and Melody bounce across the Lilly pad and once the Lilly pad moves faster, Leo conducts faster to help melody bounce faster across the Lilly pad and as Melody landed on a slower Lilly pad, Leo conducts slowly to help melody bounce across the Lilly pad slowly and faster once Melody is bouncing faster across the Lilly pad faster and slower as Melody is on a slower Lilly pad and really fast as Melody is across a fast Lilly pad and soon, Melody made it across the Lilly pad pond and the whole team head across the bridge. Soon, they heard Melody's pet train ticket and Leo uses his binoculars to look for Melody's ticket and her ticket is on top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France and they also heard the pet train and Quincy told that they had to hurry to find her ticket so Melody can ride the pet train home. So they all head back to Rocket and fly super fast to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

After they flew super fast, they all head out of Rocket and Leo told that he can take melody to the top of the Eiffel Tower and they head inside the elevator and head up to the top of the Eiffel Tower while Annie sing about helping Melody the music pet finding the ticket for the pet train one last time. Once Leo and Melody are on top of the Eiffel Tower, they saw the pet train ticket, but the door is too small to fit melody in, even a mouse couldn't fit through there. So Leo uses his baton to conduct a crescendo with Melody and they raise their hands to make the door grow bigger and bigger and soon, the door is big enough for Melody to fit through and she heads inside to get her ticket and she did it! Soon, Leo uses his binoculars to see the pet train and the it's about to leave! So they all head back down and inside Rocket with the rest of their team and blast off back to the pet train station.

Once, they're back at the pet train station, Melody uses her ticket and the gate rise up and she can board the train and go to her new home and they all knew that they're going to miss Melody and they knew that someone will take care of melody as the pet train leaves while the team wave goodbye to Melody while the rest of the team head back Rocket and fly back to Leo and Annie's house of a mourn.

Once they're at Leo and Annie's house, Leo knew that he's going to miss Melody. But then, they heard the pet train with Melody on board and Melody's new home is at Leo and Annie's house. Because of this, the train conductor is telling the team that for helping Melody taking the ticket to the pet train, he decides to deliver Melody for the promise of Leo and Annie's parents. And Leo told that he's going to take care of Melody as he promises. Mission completion and Vive la France!!


Main Characters[]

  • Little Einsteins
    • Leo
    • Quincy
    • Annie
    • June
    • Rocket
  • Melody (First Appearance)

Super Fast Sequence[]

When the Little Einsteins are helping Melody find the ticket to the pet train after helping her conducting to bounce the lily pads, they are going to fly Super Fast to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France!

That's So Silly Sequence[]

Quincy blows into his tuba, and a shoe bounces off of it. The note that plays in this episode is an extremely rare actual high note.


  • Water Lilies by Claude Monet


  • Humoresque No. 7 in Gb Major Op. 101 by Antonín Dvořák


  • Melody, the Music Pet (Song)


  • Paris, France
  • The Pet Train in the Pet Train Station
  • Alsace
  • Music Note Tree
  • Lilly Pad Pond (Water Lilies)
  • The Eiffel Tower
  • Leo and Annie's House

Running Gag[]

  • TBA

Rocket's Tool[]

  • Rocket's Backup Booster

Objects Used[]

  • Annie's Microphone
  • Leo's Baton

Who is in the center of the episode[]

  • Little Einsteins (Mainly Leo)
  • Melody


  • Leo: This looks like a Music Pet.
  • Quincy: A Music Pet?
  • Leo: That's right!
  • TBA


  • TBA


  • This episode was MADE into a Picture Book in 2008.
  • This is the third episode to use Dvorak music.


  • While the mission begins, everyone are preparing to blast off and go inside Rocket, while his antenna is missing.
  • In the blast off scene, Rocket's lightbulb on the left becomes 3D instead of 2D.
  • When Annie's saying "Look! Here comes an animal! A parrot", she uses June's Dialogue.
  • Every time Melody bounces on the lily pads, The water reflection keeps making marks.
  • In the UK version, the pet train had been changed to "pet express".

DVD Inclusion[]

Fire Truck Rocket's Blast Off!


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Melody the Music Pet (2024)
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