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Annie and the Beanstalk is the nineteenth episode of Season 2 and the forty-seventh episode overall of the series Little Einsteins.

However, in production order, it's the twenty-fourth episode of Season 2 and the fifty-second episode overall.


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The team are telling a story of a musical beanstalk and a golden goose who sings notes which makes them happy. Then a Forte giant comes down the beanstalk and traps the golden goose in the cage, and he takes home into the castle. The golden goose sings sadly, as so do the other geese. Now, it is up to the team to free the golden goose before the Forte giant strikes.

Disney Junior YouTube Summary[]

After hearing about a singing goose captured by a giant in a musical version of Jack and the Beanstalk, the kids rescue it!


In order to save the Golden Goose, First: You must enter the kitchen to avoid the Giant as you have to be cautious. Second: While the Forte Giant is in his bedroom, help Quincy use the Green Harp to make the Giant fall asleep as he yawns. Third: You must enter the tower and help Annie sing the Forte Giant's Password in order to free the Golden Goose! And Fourth: When the Giant senses that the Golden Goose escapes the cage, you have to escape Super Fast down to the beanstalk, sing the quiet song to shrink the beanstalk, the Forte Giant will have never returned and let the Golden Goose have fun with her family!


Once upon a time in the Rocket Room, Annie introduces herself and says that she and the team are looking for a book on Rocket's bookshelf as they love reading stories, until Rocket found a book about a musical beanstalk as Annie narrates the story and everyone listens. The story is about a Golden Goose, who has a beautiful singing voice, just like Annie, who lives with her family.

But one day, a thundering Forte Giant (Who was singing in the tune of "Symphony no. 5" saying "Fe Fi Fo Fum! Fe Fi Fo Fum!") climbs down his musical beanstalk and snatches the golden goose. The giant locks the Golden Goose in a cage with a password of "Fe Fi Fo Fum! Fe Fi Fo Fum!" and went high in his castle in the clouds. The Forte Giant wants to keep all of the Golden Goose's music for himself.

It's going to be up to Annie and the crew to help the goose to safety. The team runs to Rocket as Leo pulls out his baton. They all run to Rocket and….BLAST OFF!!!

They then saw the beanstalk and started to go up through the clouds and saw the castle as they went inside. They'll have to find their way through a castle created entirely from Van Gogh paintings. However, they went through the kitchen and hide from the giant without letting him see them! Then they head into the giant's bedroom and hide when he came in and sat in his chair by blocking the exit to the tower where he kept the goose.

But Quincy spots a green harp for him to play soft soothing music to put the giant to sleep while they get past him. Then they made it to the tower and saw the golden goose in the cage! Rocket tried to open the cage, but the cage is locked with the giant's password. And Annie sings the password with the goose in forte as loud as they can! And the cage door opened all the way and the goose was finally free!

But they heard loud forte singing which wasn't Annie, but the giant himself since he woke up from his nap! Then the room shook as the team and the golden goose were shook from the giant's loud singing! The team and the golden goose all ran to Rocket and escaped Super Fast to the beanstalk, so they can escape from the Forte Giant and have the golden goose reunite with her friends!!

As they flew right past the giant as he spotted them getting away and they made it to the bottom of the beanstalk and the team gets out along with the golden goose. Annie sang a quiet song to make the beanstalk tiny and the forte giant was blown away with the clouds! And the goose family embraces the golden goose now that she's back, and they all lived happily ever after! Mission Completion!


Main Characters[]

  • Little Einsteins
    • Leo
    • Quincy
    • Annie
    • June
    • Rocket

Minor Characters[]

  • Golden Goose (Only Appearance)
  • Golden Goose's Family (Only Appearance)
  • Forte Giant (Only Appearance)

Super Fast Sequence[]

  • After Annie sings forte to free the Golden Goose, she and her friends hear the forte giant, and he's about to strike them for trespassing! So the Little Einsteins have to escape Super Fast to the beanstalk, so the golden goose can reunite with her family!!

That's So Silly Sequence[]

  • After the curtain call, Leo conducts a music box, and a monkey plush pops out of it.


  • The Bedroom in Arles by Vincent Van Gogh
  • Old Man with a Pipe by Vincent Van Gogh
  • Three Pairs of Shoes by Vincent Van Gogh
  • Vase with Pink Roses by Vincent Van Gogh
  • Still Life with a plate of onions by Vincent Van Gogh
  • Wheat Field with Cypresses by Vincent Van Gogh (cameo)


Music Put Together[]

  • Symphony Number 5 in C Minor Opus. 67 by Ludwig van Beethoven

Music Breakdown[]

  • Symphony Number 5 in C Minor Opus. 67 First Movement Allegro Con Brio by Ludwig Van Beethoven
  • Symphony Number 5 in C Minor Opus. 67 Second Movement Andante Con Moto By Ludwig Van Beethoven
  • Symphony Number 5 in C Minor Opus. 67 Fourth Movement Allegro by Ludwig Van Beethoven


  • Annie's Hello Song
  • Golden Goose Song
  • Forte Giant's Password Song
  • The Quiet Beanstalk Song


  • The Rocket Room
  • Golden Goose's Garden
  • Forte Giant's Castle
  • Forte Giant's Kitchen
  • Forte Giant's Hallway
  • Forte Giant's Bedroom (Bedroom in Arles)
  • Forte Giant's Tower

Running Gag[]

  • TBA

Rocket's Tools[]

  • Rocket's Grab Nabber
  • Rocket's Backup Booster

Objects Used[]

  • Annie's Microphone
  • Leo's Baton
  • Quincy's Harp

Listen to the sounds[]

  • Red harp (forte)
  • Green harp (piano) (correct harp)
  • Purple harp (fortissimo)

Who is in the center of the episode[]

  • Little Einsteins (Mainly Annie)


  • Annie: Fee, fi, fo, fum! (2x)
  • TBA


  • TBA


  • This episode is based on the Fairytale story Jack and the Beanstalk.
  • This is the last episode to use Beethoven's music, and Van Gogh's art.
  • While Annie has her light blue shirt and her sleeveless pink jean dress in the Rocket Room from the beginning after the curtains open, her picture still has her green undershirt and her sleeveless blue jean dress of Season 1.
  • This is the second episode to use music from Fantasia 2000.
  • The Pat Sequence of Rocket revving up without the Firebird's Magic Feather is the animation from Rocket's Firebird Rescue.


  • While Annie is wearing her season 2 outfit, after the curtains open, her picture in the rocket room still has her season 1 clothing.
  • When the team and the golden goose are shaking their bodies, Rocket's lever speaker and speedy meter aren't even there.
  • On Disney Junior YouTube channel version, the number of the episode was mistakenly the 9th episode of the series instead of 19th.

DVD Inclusion[]

Oh Yes, it's Springtime (DVD)


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Annie and the Beanstalk (2024)
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